How to explodeypops


This is a sequel, of sorts.

Queen: an exploded diagram (aka Exploded Queen) was a big messy and glorious celebration of everything Queen. Literally everything. Every track from every Queen studio album. Even the ones I didn’t like (or at least, didn’t think I liked).

But this isn’t about Queen, because I already did that.

This is about pop.

Now, I’m going to hit a block almost immediately, in that I think I define pop differently to most people, so really, just about anything could end up in here. For me, pop is music that invites you in and asks you to take part in it. Music that wants you to sing, dance, clap or bounce along.

I guess you could argue that’s most music, and you might be right. So yeah, I could take this anywhere.

So maybe it’s not about pop, maybe it’s just about celebrating the way I engage with music, and the way I hope other people do.

It’s a simple set up, really, I’m going to pick a song, and rant about it. I might look at its dynamics, its history, its politics, its lyrics, places I’ve heard it, things I’ve felt about it. It could be anything. All you’re guaranteed is a set of thoughts about a thing I like.

It’s going to be amazing though. Because I’m going to pick songs I love, and I’m hopefully going to make you love them too.

Music to me is a really physical experience. Songs don’t often make me cry, but they always do something to my body. I’ve had ‘good panic attacks’ listening to a song, where it felt like my heart was going to actually jump out of my throat, and my body might melt into the ground. A song as triggered a burst of love for an old friend that started in my nose and radiated through my body like the sun jumping out from a cloud. Songs have made me dance, fall over, shiver and stare at ceilings.

The right music, at the right time, is the most blissful and inexplicable experience.

And to be clear, I’m not ever going to try and explain why something is so blissful. Life isn’t actually about whys.

I’m just going to give you impressions, thoughts, and enthusiasm.

At the very least, it might remind you to find some music and turn it up loud.

And maybe it’ll be the song that’ll make your heart explode.